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Animal Success Stories
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I was just emailing you to let you know how he is doing. We changed his name to milo and he seems very happy. He's still somewhat shy around new people and dogs but not near as much as he used to be. He loves the yard and is one of the fastest little dogs I've ever seen. He's really athletic, laid back, and doesn't make noise or tear anything up at all( aside from my mothers plants when I go home. He likes pulling off the leaves) long story short I could not be happier to have him as a part of my family. He is an excellent dog and my buddy. Thank you again. Here is a picture taken today of him.


~~We love having Jessica apart of our family. She is fitting right in. We did change her name to Molly. She loves playing with our other dog Nate. She is still a little timid around us but with each day is getting better. She loves that blanket and will not go to sleep with out lol. Thank you so much for choosing us to be her family


Sapphire and her sister Tabby were adopted by a couple of great cat lovers!

Tabby 834

Tabby and her sister Sapphire were adopted by a great couple who love cats dearly!

Barbara Jean

Barbara Jean is now an Air Force family dog :)

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