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Quill was rescued from Woodward after his mom passed away. He loves to play and will snuggle if given the chance.  Quill was exposed at birth to an cold/infection at birth that has become a chronic issue.  He sneezes and is usually congested.  While this is annoying, this is just a way of life for Quill.  He may need medication on occation, but usually just his face wiped after he sneezes.  He is not contagious to other healthy animals, but it has been recommended that he not be in a home with very young or unvaccinated kittens.  If interested in this unque little boy please fill out an application and we will be in touch soon.


If you are interested in adopting, please begin the process by completing an online adoption application at  This doesn't commit you to adopting.  It simply opens the line of communication about the animal.  Thank you!

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